22 Aug 2017

With just over 4 weeks to go, now is the time to push for sponsorship, and make those saddle miles easier!!

A couple of things to help are reclaiming Gift Aid. This can easily be done completing details in the sponsor form - this has been distributed to all Team Captains, and even easier on Charity Giving sites.

Preston has set out a few pointers below, and in the attached article -  and you can see we get more Charity Buck with  Virgin Money, so we ask you use this site if possible.

In the next 2 weeks, I will be issuing tunnel crossing details – likely to be 11.50 to 12.20 as a guide – and you will need to complete Advance Passenger Information (API) when you receive a request email from the tunnel (again in a few weeks). We are also finalising room and hotel allocation, and this will all be in time for you to plan your journey times.

Thanks to all who have completed their team details – this makes a volunteer’s work so much easier.

I hope to see you all on the hills and roads around Bedfordshire raining over the next few weeks?

Brendan and the Extramile Team



Raising Sponsorship through Virgin Money Giving (VMG) and Just Giving (JG).

At Extra-Mile we support on-line fund raising – we know it creates a chance for you to send a link to all your friends and contacts to maximise the sponsorship you raise.  Within weeks the money and gift aid gets paid direct to Extra Mile.  It’s very easy.

But there are two important aspects we wish to emphasise:

  • Did you know that JG deducts a percentage fee (based on the amount donated) about three times the amount that VMG deducts?  In addition, JG charges Extra Mile a subscription of £561 per year including VAT, VMG is £nil.  Both provide a similar service so we want to encourage you to please use VMG in preference to JG – our charities will get more!
  • When setting up your VMG (or JG) page, follow the links from our website and make sure that you have Extra Mile Challenges as your selected charity, (not your own choice of charity).  This is crucial because if all your sponsorship goes directly to your charity, you will have to make a separate contribution to the Extra Mile organiser’s charities.

Hardened Extra Milers know that we will invite you to a reception in March 2018 where we will announce the total money raised on the Brittany Challenge and hand you a cheque to present to your chosen charities.