Fundraising ideas....

1 Aug 2017

Sausages and Sponsorship


How is your fundraising coming along?

Many of us have taken part in previous Extra Mile Challenges and other charity events.  We know how hard –even embarrassing – it can be to keep asking the same friends and family to sponsor us.  We’re always interested to hear about your different or innovative approaches.  At the end of the day our primary aim is to raise funds for distribution to charity – the good causes you’ve chosen, as well as the organisers’ selections.

One way of easing the pain can be to offer something in return.  Martin Banham-Hall and Jayne Smith, both members of the Heald Wheeled team for the Lake Geneva Challenge and again this year, are also active members of Bedford Rowing Club.  This July they organised a barbecue at Martin’s home specifically for Club members and their families.  Food and first drink were provided for £10 (kids free) with a small charge of £2 for subsequent Pimms, wine or beer and 50p for soft drinks. 

More families came along than expected, and some kind souls even brought food to contribute to the feast.  Some unable to attend made a donation anyway.  Overall a profit of just over £500 was made, and a great social occasion enjoyed by all.  Martin and Jayne told us that last year, simply passing the hat round at the Club AGM raised far less. 

Could you organise a BBQ, a dinner party or (if you have a talent) maybe an art or craft sale or a musical event?  It may raise more than you think, be fun to put on, and stop your friends from crossing the street as you approach because they know you’re going to ask them for money. 

Maybe you have your own ideas?  We’d love to hear about them at