How might Brexit impact us?

25 Jul 2016

Everyone seems to be writing about Brexit, so perhaps we should because you may have some concerns.

The greatest potential impact is on our entry fees. About 95% of our expenditure is on hotels, meals and our gala celebrations which are paid in euros or Swiss francs. We paid a number of deposits prior to the referendum and indeed enhanced a couple whilst also securing a stock of euros to cover part of our remaining costs. Therefore, we are delighted to say that we are still budgeting to broadly breakeven this year on our existing entry fees. That is a relief!

Your own overseas expenditure will cost more in sterling than previously, but as your main overseas expenditure should be covered by your entry fee, the extra cost of the rest should not be material.

We will cross borders between France/Germany/Switzerland whilst cycling but all three countries are in the Schengen zone so problems are not anticipated there. If a cyclist crosses a border without being with the vehicle, the cyclist may choose to carry his/her passport.

Recent problems at Dover are more a security issue than a Brexit issue. However, we are travelling through the Channel Tunnel which carries fewer coaches than the ferries, a major source of the recent delays.

There may be a few other impacts but overall, Brexit will not diminish our fun, our enjoyment and our sense of achievement.

Preston Ayres

25 July 2016