All off to France....

16 Sep 2015

After a rain soaked day packing bags, bike gear and a missed flight from Inverness - 35 Cycle Teams and 9 Marshal Teams are ready for the off on the Extramile Bike to the Future Challenge 2015!!

All heading to an unusually free running Eurotunnel Terminal - I hope it stays that way.

If you are cycling, get joined to our WhatsApp group by texting 07802 170659 - having first installed the App on your Smartphone.

Have a last push and het sponsor money rolling in - use our JustGiving and Virgin site stop maximise the Taxman's refund.

We also have a photographer this year - Suzanne will be waving and cajoling smiles and you can also send your own photos to our Facebook or WhatsApp group to have  chance of winning a prize in our photo competition.

 We are looking forward to the first morning's ride through 6 miles of the Le Mans Racetrack - hopefully nobody will encounter the Porsche and Audi Race Teams at 200mph!!

See you all in France!!

The Extramile Team