Route and directions:

13 Aug 2015

With only 5 weeks until the Challenge, an update of route and other matters:

·         Tunnel and Dartford:

o   We are in contact with the Tunnel to see if can get over and back smoothly – hopefully the Migrant and Farmer issues will disappear by September?

o   We now need to submit Advance Passenger Information to the tunnel – this will have to be by the Team Leader, and Eurotunnel will confirm a link directly to each Team Captain:

o   Please note that there is a web based payment system for the Dartford crossing now – we will confirm links closer to the time – again, this is each Team’s responsibility:

o   We will shortly confirm tunnel crossings, so PLEASE ensure Teams complete vehicle details so we can allocate to correct trains for cars, van or pantechnicon!

·         Route:

o   See as the enclosed link at the bottom of the page, the very detailed route directions. You must print these as an aid to following the route – particularly these give forward advice of ascents, descents, major road junctions – including those DO NOT MISS junctions –fuel stops and changeover points in the longer climbs or narrow roads.

o   We advise you transfer the route to a Michelin map as additional aid to not getting lost!!

o   For those with a Garmin – the route is accessed on the following links:

1.       Day 1           

2.       Day 2           

3.       Day 3 Run out

4.       Day 3 Cycle

5.       I will let you know if any details change before we set off:

·         Accommodation:

o   You will see in the directions that we have 2 Hotels at Le Mans, but we all stay in the same Hotel at Futuroscope:

o   Please let me know any dietary requirements or ailments we should be aware of – this is asked for in the sign up pages, but I always like to double check:

o   All accommodation is BOOKED as twin rooms, so apologies for the double beds last year – we were shocked as well. We can request double rooms, but cannot guarantee this.