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7 Sep 2013

#extramile2013 is the place to post all your videos, photos and experiences of this year's Challenge!!
Please use the Twitter link to keep up to date with your friends and fellow challengers...

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Fundraising sites...

27 Aug 2013

Here is a gentle reminder from Preston (our finance man).

Many cyclists have set up a Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving website to collect sponsorship.

Indeed to 22 August we have already received £3,800 in sponsorship for the Cote d’Or Challenge (and you haven’t even finished your training yet).  Great.

This is a reminder that it is essential that your website is set up with Extra Mile Challenges as your selected charity.  This way we can keep a track of all monies given.

Occasionally a cyclist has previously set up a site choosing another charity (eg your team’s charity choice).  If you have done this, can you please immediately replace it with a site in favour of Extra Mile Challenges.  Using any other charity not only means that we are unaware of what you have collected but it can create a big problem for you to find the one-third contribution to the Extra Mile organisers’ charities (if 100% of your sponsorship has gone elsewhere!).

We hope that you don’t mind this gentle reminder – it is better to act now rather than have a problem later.

There are also new rules allowing us to reclaim Gift Aid on small sums of collected monies; to take advantage of this, we need all cyclists'name and addresses, so please ensure you have fully completed your details in the online entry system.

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