In Extra Mile Challenges, Teams are required to raise a minimum of £1,200 (£300 per person). Our challenges have so far raised over £1.1 million for over 250 different charities.

A Summary of Payments to Charities Over 11 Years

How to collect donations

An easy way to maximise your fundraising at no extra cost is to ensure that private individuals who sponsor you give at least their title, name, house name/number and postcode and tick the Gift Aid box whenever appropriate. You can do this for them if they agree - they do not have to sign. We reclaim from the Government an extra 25% of every Gift Aid donation, representing income tax paid by the donor. Please collect all donations from your sponsors and send them to Extra Mile Challenges as soon as you can, and no later than 30 November 2015.

You can collect debit/credit card donations by setting up your own page linked to Extra Mile Challenges on the JustGiving and Virgin Money websites. JustGiving is a commercial organisation whose charges (about 7% of funds donated through JustGiving) are deducted before funds are passed to Extra Mile Challenges - though the gift aid is automatically reclaimed from donations. Virgin Money Giving deducts far less, so we would prefer you to use Virgin MG. Use the links on the Home Page of our website to access these sites.

When setting up a JG or VMG page, it is essential that all funds raised from our events are paid to Extra Mile Challenges in the first instance. Directing funds to charities other than Extra Mile Challenges creates a nightmare for volunteers who keep our accounts in order.

Each team nominates its own charity, which receives three quarters of the team’s sponsorship. The remaining one quarter (plus gift aid claimed) goes to the organisers’ charities. In 2015 we are supporting:

This year's Organisers' Charities:


Other charities are nominated by the supporting Rotary Clubs.